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Additional Surfer • Price Per Person Without Additional Instruction
Additional Surfer • Price Per Person With Additional Instruction

Fun Surf Camps for Kids in Kauai

This camp is for children 8 and older. With the Children Of The Sea Surf Camp from Hawaiian Surfing Adventures they will receive a basic surf lesson then have a break for lunch. After this, the student and instructor will have more water time (which could be SUP paddling, swimming and/or things your child might want to do.)

This activity is 3 — 4 hours and gives you time to relax right there at the beach or leave to do your own things. Kids love hanging out with the surf crew and it is a very safe environment with excellent supervision. The entire time of the surf camp is 3-4 hours with instructor, snack included.

$250.00 for one child, additional children are $150.00 each (unless individual instructors are needed, then it’s $200 each).