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Quick Details

Soft Top ½ Day Surfboard Rental ½ Day • 4 hours
Soft Top Full Day Surfboard Rental Full Day • 8 hours
Epoxy ½ Day Longboard Rentals ½ Day • 4 hours
Epoxy Full Day Longboard Rentals Full Day • 8 hours

Fun Surfboard Rentals on Kauai

Learning how to surf or already know how, you may want to rent a board for a day or the rest of your vacation. Rent a board or two and practice, practice, practice. We have soft tops and epoxy boards. Long boards and short boards. Stand up paddle boards.

You will enjoy the ease of renting your board right in Hanalei. For most of the year surfing at Black Pot Beach over towards the Hanalei River where the ocean meets the river and beside the Hanalei pier is the best practice area, but during the summer months the waves are better down the other end of the Bay either at the Hanalei Pavillion or Pinetrees or for most of the summer at Waioli Beach Access which is the last beach access on Hanalei Bay. (turn right on Anae Street and that leads you to the parking area.)

Boards include leash and straps.